Mawer Sales Ltd. was founded in 1945 by Arthur Mawer. Arthur was born and educated in Scotland, graduating from Heriot Watt College with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After serving in the Royal Air Force from 1914-1918, he moved to Canada to begin work as an engineer. He worked at several large companies, including Canadian General Electric Co. Ltd. and English Electric Co. of Canada Ltd., before opening his own business.

Mawer Sales began as a sales distributor for Taylor-Winfield welders. In 1949, Arthur hired Brian Harper to be his sales assistant and the two of them sold Taylor-Winfield welders all across North America. As electrical engineers, they had the knowledge to sell not only the product but the service and support that their customers required.

In 1972, Arthur Mawer retired and sold his company to Brian Harper. Soon after taking over the business, Brian started refurbishing and selling used machines. Mawer Sales Ltd. was no longer strictly a sales company and in 1985 changed its name to Mawer Welding Machines Ltd.

Since then, Mawer Welding has become a family run business and is operated by Brian's son, Mark. We now sell all types of new and used resistance welding equipment from single point welding machines to fully automatic robotic weld cells. To find out more, please checkout the Products and Services pages.